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Sock Summit 2014

by Kristy on March 19th, 2012

I was re-reading a few of my blog posts and realized that I had new information to include regarding Sock Summit.  There have been 2 of these so far here in Portland, OR and then next one was going to be in 2013, but it looks like it was pushed out until 2014.  I believe there was a snafu with the convention center.

Here is a link to the discussion group on Ravelry

And a link to the Yarn Harlot’s blog post regarding Sock Summit 2014 (look for the post on 2/28)

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  1. I am pretty excited that Sock Summit got moved to 2014. My friend that I go to SS with, Jenni, is getting married in Mexico in 2013 and we were going to have to miss it, as her wedding would have been the same weekend. Although, I feel like I may need to take a trip to Portland before then, it’s one of my fav places to visit! :)

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